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Created in 1986, SERMATEC took over some of the activities of the CVI  company : the design, manufacture, mechanization of  mushroom growing equipment.
Meanwhile, SERMATEC designs and manufactures machines as well as tools for deburring and electrochemical machining of metal parts.
These equipments  are then marketed by Dubuis Electrochimie.
Since 1999, SERMATEC sells its electrochemical machines under its own trademark.
Today SERMATEC is a leader in both activities.

Our Trades

From the requirements and specifications of its customers, SERMATEC develops, manufactures, installs machines increasingly sophisticated to meet the current production  requirements (automation, reduced costs, maintainability, safety of the users . ..). Manufacturing quality and reliability of installations make SERMATEC a leader in both activities.
For the branch "Mushroom growing",  SERMATEC is able to provide equipment for all phases of culture from the development of culture substrate to picking and packaging.
Thanks to its experience in developing compost solutions, SERMATEC also offers solutions for waste treatment and other bulk products (See Related Applications).
For the "Electrochemical machining" part, SERMATEC designs and manufactures equipment  (Machines and Tools) in perfect harmony with the production requirements of its customers.
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